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On August 9th, Subdivision Two Trustee Aleana Young announced her intention to seek re-election on October 26th.


Aleana is a respected leader in Regina and its youngest elected official.


In her first term as Trustee she has been a hardworking advocate for parents and students.


She has been an active participant in Saskatchewan School Board Association (SSBA) assemblies where she has encouraged advocacy and made public accountability a key issue.


As four-year chair of the Community Relations Committee she has pushed for increased public and employee engagement and improved communication.


In addition to her regular duties as Trustee Aleana has also served as the SSBA representative on the University of Regina Senate where she represents the interests of every school board in Saskatchewan.


Young has significant concerns in regards to the future of education funding in Saskatchewan.


“As a Trustee for Subdivision Two, and all of Regina’s public schools – I will continue to advocate for the needs of large urban school boards,” said Young,


“I’ve been a vocal advocate for ‘funding for growth’ and for the resources necessary for our division to continue to lead with student-focused programming like Campus Regina Public and the Shirley Schneider Support Centre.”


If re-elected, Young plans to continue her support for the critical work being done on both student achievement and truth and reconciliation.


Aleana remains a staunch advocate for inclusion, diversity, and making our system more accessible to parents and reactive to the needs of students.


Subdivision Two includes Thomson, Arcola, Douglas Park, Campus Regina Public (formerly Cochrane), Balfour, Campbell, Grant Road, Massey, and Marion McVeety.