Statement on Bullying.

Nicole Sarauer and myself drafted a statement on bullying in schools. As two of the younger candidates running, we still feel close to the classroom and close to the issues of social media and cyber bullying. In light of the lack of a comprehensive Anti-Bullying policy, we have issued the following statement:

As many as a quarter of Regina students have been bullied. This must change.


Bullying in our schools is not natural or normal, but a learned behaviour; a  consequence of ignorance, immaturity, and the lack of a comprehensive  anti-bullying policy. This must change.


Bullying hurts. Bullying can damage self-esteem, self-worth, and trust in  children.  It is not simply 'kids being kids'. As social media sites such as  Twitter and Facebook are integrated into our childrens' lives, school bullying  follows a child home. This must change.


Shelley Hymel, a leading bullying expert, notes that "it takes a whole nation to change a culture". Let's start with Regina, and as a school division try and change our culture.

As trustees for both Public and Separate School Board, we pledge to do  our part to make our schools safe and secure.